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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 30, 2022

Do you have something powerful and important to share, but you’re not sure how to get the word out?

Then you need to tap into the power of public relations to reach the people who need you and grow your bottom line in service to others.

Greater visibility leads to greater impact, and PR is a vehicle to help you reach...

Nov 23, 2022

'Burnout isn't just overwork; it's lack of reward,' - Dr. Jacqueline Kerr

The cultural shifts that began in the late 60s and continued through the 70s brought new liberation for women.

But with that came ads like Enjoli's "Because I'm a Woman," which conditioned women to believe we had to do it all—sending us on a...

Nov 16, 2022

“Lack of money is not the problem. Not having money always has been and always will be a symptom of an underlying problem,” -Victoria Rader

Have you struggled with making money work for you?

At one point or another, almost all of us have.

But not having money is only a symptom of a root problem. Until you solve the...

Nov 9, 2022

You want to do business with clients who align with your values. But being selective comes with a risk.

So, how do you learn to say NO to prospects who aren’t a good fit?

Amy Pyles is President of Saxum, an integrated digital marketing agency obsessed for good. Her team has expertise in helping brands and...

Nov 2, 2022

Getting on the right stage, large or small, can open many doors for us.

But most of the time, the thought of public speaking gives us sweaty palms or anxiety.

We think we must be this master of the stage, like Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Gilbert, or Brene Brown.

You don’t. But you do need to take what’s unique about YOU...