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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 22, 2021

A lot of entrepreneurs look good on paper. But they’re working insane hours, ultimately making less than they would at the corner store. Kris Ward used to be one of those entrepreneurs, running a business that consumed her life. So, how did she stop working so hard and still get results? 

Kris is the Team Building and Productivity Strategist behind Win the Hour, Win the Day, a platform that helps entrepreneurs build their WIN Team using her signature Super Toolkits. Through Win the Hour, Kris shares the strategies that allowed her to step away from her marketing business for two years while her husband was ill—without clients realizing it! She is also the host of the Win the Hour, Win the Day Podcast and author of Win the Hour, Win the Day: Time Management for Small Business.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Kris joins Anjel to explain how she reduced her workdays from 16 hours to just six, leveraging teams, time and toolkits to create a business that thrives with or without her. She challenges us to operate in 60/40 creation mode, spending more time working in our area of genius. Listen in for Kris’ insight on the power of delegation and learn how to design a business that supports your life instead of consuming it!

What You Will Learn 

How Kris’ side business as a marketing strategist became her full-time career

Kris’ mission to help people build businesses that support their life rather than consuming it

How Kris went from working 16 hours a day to just 6

How Kris leverages team, time and toolkits to run a business that thrives with or without her

The turning point when Kris understood the power of delegation

Kris’ realization that her team can take courses for her

How Kris’ Super Toolkits allow entrepreneurs to operate in 60/40 creation mode

Kris' take on the top 3 reasons why entrepreneurs lose money

How Kris helps clients free up their time to work in their area of genius

Why you can’t come from a position of lack or fear when it comes to money 

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