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Wickedly Smart Women

Apr 1, 2020

When it comes to marketing your business, the choices are overwhelming. And what works for another entrepreneur may not be a good fit for YOU. Is there an easy way to discern a marketing strategy that plays to your strengths and gets results?

Milana Leshinsky is the business strategist behind Simplicity Circle, a platform dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create simple but lucrative businesses that work for their lives. She is also the architect of the Marketing Superskills Personality Assessment, the inventor of the telesummit, and the former cofounder of a seven-figure online coaching business. Milana is passionate about supporting coaches, authors and speakers in focusing their marketing efforts, and she is the author of Simplicity Entrepreneurship: Escape Burnout, Find Flow, and Discover Your Shortest Path to Profit.  

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Milana joins Emerald to explain how she got her start in online business and introduce us to the distinction between sales and marketing. Milana describes the burnout that inspired her to walk away from a lucrative business partnership, discussing how she designed Simplicity Circle to help entrepreneurs build successful, sustainable businesses. Listen in for Milana’s insight on choosing the best marketing approach for your personality and learn how to stretch outside your comfort zone—in the right direction for YOU.

What You Will Learn

What inspired Milana’s invention of the telesummit

How Milana got her start online with eBooks + her transition to coaching

The distinction between sales and marketing

Why Milana walked away from a seven-figure business partnership

What called Milana to create Simplicity Circle

Milana’s commitment to helping entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses

How to choose the best marketing approach for you and your personality

How to stretch outside your comfort zone in the right direction for you

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Simplicity Circle

Milana’s Free Marketing Superskills Tool


Coaching Millions: Help More People, Make More Money, Live Your Ultimate Lifestyle by Milana Leshinsky

Simplicity Entrepreneurship: Escape Burnout, Find Flow, and Discover Your Shortest Path to Profit by Milana Leshinsky

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