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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 27, 2021

Did you know that vision is really 90% brain and only 10% eyeball? Much like other aspects of our health, stress and emotional trauma have an impact on our ability see clearly. So, what can we do improve our eyesight—without corrective lenses?

Claudia Muehlenweg is the creator of Naturally Clear Vision, a practice dedicated to helping clients see better naturally, regardless of the vision challenges they struggle with. She offers five-day challenges, online courses, membership programs and private mentoring to support people in finding the root cause of their blurry vision rather than using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts or surgery.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Claudia joins Anjel to share the vision challenges she faced as a child and discuss how she came to realize that stress made her eyesight worse. She explains why vision is so much more than just eyesight, offering insight on the role our brain plays in what we see and describing the relationship between relaxation and good vision. Listen in to understand how Claudia maintains a clarity of vision and learn how to undo bad habits and heal the emotional root causes of your eye issues!

What You Will Learn

The vision challenges Claudia faced as a child and how she realized stress made her vision worse

Who Claudia serves through her programs at Naturally Clear Vision

How Claudia’s clients benefit from the relationship between relaxation and good vision

Why vision is so much more than just eyesight

The role our brain plays in what we see

How our eyes adapt to corrective lenses (and make our vision worse)

Why Claudia invested in a mastermind to bring her entrepreneurial vision to life

Claudia’s insight on setting clear goals and stepping out of your ‘bubble of safety’ to share your mission with the world

How Claudia helps clients undo bad habits and heal the emotional root causes of their poor vision

Claudia’s self-care routine of meditation, yoga, breath work, journaling and myofascial release

How not feeling safe as a child can lead to the development of vision problems

Connect with Claudia Muehlenweg

Naturally Clear Vision


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