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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 23, 2019

Do you feel like life is happening TO you? If you’re more empathic than the average bear, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by other people’s energy and take on the role of victim. But there is a way to shift your mindset and learn to respond rather than react. To connect with others in a way that is empowering. To use your sensitivity as a strength.

Rebecca Randolph is the creator of OutsmHEART, an intuitive healing practice designed to support the sensitive woman entrepreneur. She guides her clients to integrate their whole selves and become the sensitive leaders they are meant to be—without suffering overwhelm or insecurity. Rebecca is on a mission to help bighearted women let go of Ugly Duckling Syndrome and grow into their grace, beauty and power.

On this episode, Rebecca joins Emerald to discuss her evolution from victim to student to leader, explaining how life happens TO us, then FOR us, and finally THROUGH us. She shares the feeling of responsibility that drives her to support other empaths and describes her approach to setting direct, clear and loving boundaries. Listen in for Rebecca’s insight around the relationship between money and energy—and learn how to embrace your imperfection yet still feel worthy!

What You Will Learn

Rebecca’s evolution from victim to student to teacher

Rebecca’s sense of responsibility to help other empaths

The mindset shift from I HAVE TO to I GET TO

How empaths connect with other people’s energy

How to set direct, clear and loving boundaries

Rebecca’s approach to creating a bubble of neutrality

1.      Thank body for feedback

2.      Respond without taking on energy

The challenge of being imperfect yet feeling worthy

Rebecca’s insight into the link between money + energy

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