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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 17, 2020

Have you been described as too sensitive? If you have a different way of navigating the environment that goes beyond the surface, you have a gift worth exploring. In fact, you have the potential to facilitate healing as a Medicine Caller.

Sophia Wise One is the mentor, visionary and teacher behind the Sophia Wise One platform, designed to help people claim their sacredness, define it for themselves and remember who they truly are. A professional Medicine Caller for more than two decades, she trains other professional Medicine Callers to trust and optimize their medicine by way of self-mastery, skill refinement and ancestral reclamation. Sophia is also the host of the Medicine Caller Podcast and the creator of the I LOVE MY LIFE Academy.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Sophia joins Emerald to explain how she birthed the term Medicine Caller and share her mission to help sensitive people repair their skills and step into the role. She walks us through the creation process she used to build the I LOVE MY LIFE game, challenging us to build evidence through risk-taking and play with reality. Listen in for Sophia’s advice to the mothers of Child Mystics and learn to trust YOUR medicine and use it to help others heal.

What You Will Learn

How Sophia birthed the term Medicine Caller and who it refers to

Sophia’s definition of medicine as anything that interacts with the body to stimulate a healing response

Sophia’s mission to help sensitive people repair their skills and become effective Medicine Callers

The creation process Sophia used to build her I LOVE MY LIFE game + card deck

How Sophia moves through resistance by way of universe-given faith

Sophia’s insight on building evidence through risk-taking

Sophia’s advice for the mothers of Child Mystics

  1. Stabilize your own system first
  2. Listen + be willing to just witness

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