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Wickedly Smart Women

Feb 19, 2020

For wicked-smart women who are highly creative, it can be challenging to harness that creativity and turn it into cashflow. How do we balance the structure of running a business with the unpredictability of our creative imagination? How do we make time to play yet hold ourselves accountable for reaching our creative goals?

Jennie Edwards is the creator of Your Dynamic Story, a platform designed to help entrepreneurs craft and share their message to make a bigger impact in the world. She teaches clients how to show up with confidence and vulnerability, in alignment with their values. Jennie is passionate about empowering others to grow their audience, connect authentically and drive sales. She is also a successful photographer and videographer with 12 years of experience running her own business as a creative.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Jennie joins Emerald to share her calling as a creative leader and explain how she is inspiring others to take their mission to the next level. She introduces us to the idea of leveraging stillness to make big decisions and bringing a vision to life through strategic manifestation. Listen in for Jennie’s insight on scheduling time for creativity and learn her top affirmations for creating abundance in your business and life.

What You Will Learn

Jennie’s calling to use her creative gifts to elevate others

What inspired Jennie’s move to San Diego to pursue her best life

How Jennie leverages stillness + embodiment to make decisions

Jennie’s practice of strategic manifestation to realize her goals

How clearly defined values help us know when to change

Jennie’s advice on holding yourself accountable to creative goals

The individual and group coaching options Jennie offers

How Jennie’s relationship with money has evolved over time

·        Conversation with inner critic re: self-worth

·        Affirmations to generate abundance

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