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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 15, 2020

What’s the difference between barriers and boundaries? Even the most wicked-smart women among us struggle with giving our time and energy away. So, how do we break free of the artificial barriers society places on us and learn to set healthy boundaries? How do we create routines that nourish our minds, bodies and hearts?

Sage Simpson is the creator of Balance by Sage, a platform designed to help women reclaim the Wild Woman Within so they can live sexy, wealthy and wild lives—while making a radical difference. Sage teaches a blend of Kundalini, Qigong and Ecstatic dance, leading workshops, online courses and retreats around the world. Sage is on a mission to transform the lives of 11 million women, helping us become Balance Warriors, a community empowered to show up in our lives with a sense of purpose, ease and joy.

On this episode, Sage joins Emerald to describe the experience of being called into a powerful leadership role by Mother Earth. She discusses the difference between barriers and boundaries, explaining how we can free ourselves from societal and family conditioning AND safeguard our time and energy with the structure of routine. Listen in for Sage’s insight around leading through our power and vulnerability—and learn her daily beditation practice for extending love to yourself and the world at large.

What You Will Learn

Sage’s experience of being called to lead by Mother Earth

The distinction between barriers and boundaries

How to safeguard your time + energy like a sacred space

How Sage finds liberation within the structure of routine

Sage’s daily BEDITATION practice and its benefits

Extending love to yourself + others through meta meditation

The global community of 11M women Sage wants to lead

How women can serve through our power + vulnerability

How Mother Earth is calling us to redefine community

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