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Wickedly Smart Women

Jun 12, 2024

Does your business writing convey your brand identity?

The right content expands and deepens your connection with your audience. 

But how do you write in a way that resonates with potential clients?

Venchele Saint Dic is the freelance writer, author and editor behind Pathway Coach Writing, a platform that helps aspiring authors and businesses find their confidence in writing.

Venchele is also pursuing a doctorate degree in Public Health Leadership, and she is passionate about helping people from underrepresented communities amplify their impact and contribute to positive change in the world.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Venchele joins Anjel to explain how to create a nurturing environment for writing that inspires your best work.

Venchele offers advice on being open to feedback about your writing, describing who has earned the right to offer such feedback—and who hasn’t.

Listen in for insight on leveraging a book to connect with your audience and learn how Vechele can help you build your brand identity through written content.

What You Will Learn

How Venchele’s fascination with French literature inspired her interest in writing

How to use a book to deepen your connection with your audience

Venchele’s role as a freelance writer and how it differs from being a ghost writer

Venchele’s advice on being open to feedback about your writing

Who has earned the right to give you feedback on your writing (and who hasn’t)

The role of a meditation practice in developing the skill of discernment

How to create a nurturing environment for writing that inspires your best work

Who inspired Venchele to start a business as a writing coach

Venchele’s commitment to serve underrepresented business owners

How growing up in Haiti informs Venchele’s drive to pursue a PhD in public health

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