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Wickedly Smart Women

Feb 23, 2022

Most of us are not aware of our own negative belief systems, but they greatly affect our everyday lives. 

When we are young, we tend to process events, thoughts, and feelings incorrectly. That processing results in negative beliefs that we bring into our adulthood, where we then have to undo everything we thought we knew. 

Holistic mindset coach and psychotherapist Carrie Leaf is working to provide her clients with the proper tools to become unstuck in their lives. Her secret? They have all the skills and tools already inside of them. The key is to identify the uncomfortable environment and move to a new space.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Carrie joins Anjel to talk about negative belief systems that convince people they do not have the ability to solve their own problems. They affect our everyday lives, but being able to recognize them and respond to them empowers us to move forward in our personal growth journeys. 

What You Will Learn 

What inspired Carrie to go into psychotherapy as a career field

Carrie’s experience starting her own business and the complicated relationship people have with money

How to define uncomfortable environments, how to become conscious of it, and move to a new one

Nuances of individuals’ mental health journeys 

Dismantling negative belief systems is key to solving problems

Taking small steps can lead to much bigger strides in personal growth

Finding the origin of negative belief systems is crucial to reprocessing

Our child minds process things incorrectly, causing the negative belief systems that we need to undo as adults

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