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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 18, 2020

We are at a turning point in history, transitioning out of the Information Age and embarking on a new era. So, what will it take to be a leader as we move into the Creative Age? How do we awaken our innate power to create conscious change?

As Wickedly Smart Women celebrates its first anniversary, we are flipping the script and inviting Guest Host Lori Andrus to ask the questions—while our usual host, Anjel B. Hartwell (formerly known as Emerald GreenForest), offers insight on channeling the energy that is being released globally and taking inspired action to lead with our creative power.

Anjel weighs in on what it looks like to be in true alignment as we work to create conscious change, explaining how to know when you are genuinely letting love lead. Listen in for Anjel’s advice on creating a wealthy life by design and learn how you can rise up and be a role model in the new Creative Age.

What You Will Learn

The challenge of admitting what’s not working in your life

What inspired Emerald to change her name to Angel B. Hartwell

What it means to be a leader in the new Creative Age

Anjel’s challenge for us to awaken to our innate power to create

Anjel’s insight around channeling the energy that is being released globally

What it looks like to be in authentic alignment with your purpose

  • Ask questions
  • Let love lead
  • Inspired action
  • Get grounded in order to grow
  • Next visible step

How to know when your heart is leading you

Why we should only take action when we’re inspired

Anjel’s advice on creating a wealthy life by design in community

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