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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 1, 2023

What if you could create heaven on earth in this lifetime?

Yes, challenging, character-building experiences are part of being human. But we don’t have to suffer. 

And the Akashic Records are one of the many spiritual tools available to guide us in recognizing future possibilities and manifesting our dreams.

Master Akashic Records Teacher Amy Robeson is the Founder of Sacred Awakening, a platform that empowers people to unlock their inner potential and experience transformation through spiritual exploration.

Amy is passionate about exploring spiritual truths and helping students overcome roadblocks, outdated beliefs and trauma to achieve their highest good.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Amy joins Anjel to explain why so many of us shut down the spiritual gifts we’re born with in childhood and how being an empath can be a blessing and a curse.

Amy describes her experience of awakening through a process of ‘following the energy,’ and breaks down why the Akashic Records are her favorite tool for feeling into future possibilities.

Listen in for Amy’s insight on transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and learn how the Akashic Records can help you receive love and support in all areas of your life!

What You Will Learn 

How Amy became an empath as a protection mechanism through childhood experiences

Why so many of us shut down the spiritual gifts we’re born with

What differentiates being an empath from having empathy for others

How to leverage the collective increase in consciousness to parent in an appropriate, safe way

Amy’s experience of awakening through a process of ‘following the energy’

How being an empath makes you hyperaware of potential danger and allows you to feel into amazing possibilities

Why meditation and the Akashic Records are Amy’s favorite tools for feeling into future possibilities

How Amy serves both the newly awakened and veterans of the spiritual path

Why it serves empaths to learn how to open the Akashic Records both for yourself and others

The challenges Amy faced in the transition from corporate finance to entrepreneurship

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