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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 17, 2024

What is your beverage of choice when it comes to self-care?

Do you rely on a glass of wine to help you relax and unwind?

Or maybe you fill up on coffee to keep up with the culture of busy?

What if there’s a healthier choice that will give you the opportunity to reflect on what matters, share your own story, and build meaningful connections with others?

Marsha Chin-Glover is Founder and CEO of Tea Tales, a wellness company that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle though a curated collection of herbal teas.

Marsha is also passionate about empowering women to share our stories and advocating more meaningful interactions through the ritual of tea.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Marsha joins Anjel to share her transition from cardiac nurse to entrepreneurship and explain how her Jamaican grandmother inspired Tea Tales.

Marsha discusses the storytelling element of the Tea Tales community and describes the common thread among her entrepreneurial ventures—empowering people to live our best lives.

Listen in for insight around our reliance on alcohol to build human connection and learn how your own tea ritual can help you sit and ‘steep in your story.’

What You Will Learn 

What inspired Marsha’s interest in storytelling and entrepreneurship

Marsha’s transition from working as a cardiac nurse to building her own business

Why Marsha runs both an online and brick-and-mortar clothing boutique

How Marsha’s Jamaican grandmother inspired the creation of Tea Tales

Marsha’s mission to empower people to live their best lives

How the Tea Tales community empowers women to share our stories

Why Marsha challenges societal reliance on alcohol to build human connection

Why tea is a better choice than alcohol for relaxation and connection

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