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Wickedly Smart Women

Aug 3, 2022

Do you feel undervalued and unfulfilled in your role as a woman in corporate America?

For decades, women have been given mixed messages and told to keep their emotions out of the workplace.

But our real value as women in the workplace or in our role as entrepreneurs can be found when we embrace our softer side.

So how can we step out of masculinization and lean into our biggest strengths as women in our leadership roles?

Blake Schofield spent 18 years in corporate America growing 8 and 9-figure businesses. Today, as the Founder of The Bridge to Fulfillment®, Blake is living out her passion by helping other heart-centered professional women use their skills to transition to more fulfilling careers without having to start over.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Blake joins Anjel to discuss the tangible results she produced while working in corporate America and for her coaching clients by embracing the unique feminine gifts that women bring to the table.

Blake shares how watching her mother's career struggles informed her view of what she wanted to do to help others and her inward journey to valuing her own gifts and vision. Plus, how she's using her unique experience to help bring more humanity back into corporate America.

Listen in as Blake shares her mission to help women leave what isn't working for them and realign their lives and careers to create the life they want!

What You Will Learn

The biggest mistake Blake made in her early leadership days

Blake's story of learning to speak up and step into her role as a leader

How acting in a masculine way creates more stress and anxiety for women

Why stepping out of masculinization is the key to unlocking our biggest strength as leaders

How self-awareness leads to better leadership

The vital role of women in corporate America

The high value of warmth vs. confidence

The one thing no one tells you about shutting down your emotions at work

How to finally gain clarity around what you want in your career

The 3 things The Bridge to Fulfillment® helps women discover to catapult their careers

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