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Wickedly Smart Women

May 18, 2022

Many women walk around with a voice of constant critique inside simply because they're women.

But what happens we you begin the untangling of that voice from who you really are?

Anna Lovind left a career as an editor at a major publishing house and moved to Sweden, where she built a business that supports women's pursuit of a meaningful and sustainable creative life. Now, she coaches creatives worldwide, from dreaming to doing through her courses and workshops. Her book, The Creative Doer, is a rallying cry for women to start CREATING to change the world.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Anna Lovind joins Anjel to discuss what can happen when women gather with other women in a safe space to listen for, hear, and finally express the inner creativity that's been stifled within them for so long by "other voices." She walks us through her journey to writing ‌to stay sane and safely express herself during her chaotic upbringing.

Listen in as Anna shares how she now uses her books, courses, and community ‌to help feminist creators claim the space to connect with and express their true voices.

What You Will Learn

How Anna has channeled her experience as a female into her writing

How Anna started exploring her creativity as a way to connect with and help others

How the shared understanding and anger of the unlevel playing field can create female bonding

How to befriend yourself to create a safe space for your creative expression

The 3 powerful tools for dismantling your inner patriarchy

How to liberate your creative energy through deconditioning

The importance of connecting with your body for a more powerful creative expression

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