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Wickedly Smart Women

Jun 5, 2024

Are you so much of a people pleaser that you’ve lost yourself?

Too many women wake up one day and realize we’ve been so busy helping other people accomplish their dreams that we’ve forgotten our own.

So, how do we rediscover who we are? How do we find the courage to go after what we want? 

How do we cast ourselves as the leading lady in our own lives? 

Lisa Andria is the creator of Leap with Confidence, a platform that supports women in finding their higher purpose and living a life where they are the headliner.

After 41 years as a telecom sales executive, Lisa was called to become a certified transformation life coach and help clients stop wasting time achieving other's goals and start working on their own. 

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lisa joins Anjel to discuss her transition from corporate sales to life coach and describe how she developed the confidence to walk away from her W-2.

Lisa considers how women are conditioned to be people pleasers, explaining how losing herself in a marriage inspired her to investigate her own inner world.

Listen in for insight on overcoming imposter syndrome in your business and learn how Lisa can help you find yourself and pursue your unique purpose with confidence.

What You Will Learn

What inspired Lisa’s transition from corporate sales exec to life coach for women

Lisa’s take on what it means to be an inner truth explorer

Why you can’t transform your life if you don’t understand who you are as a person

The challenge Lisa faced in having the confidence to walk away from her W-2

How women are conditioned to be people pleasers

How losing herself in a marriage inspired Lisa to start exploring her internal realm

The trifecta of challenging life events Lisa faced in 2023

Lisa’s advice on changing your mindset on money and discovering the reality of your financial situation

How Lisa helped a client reframe feedback from a difficult boss

What Lisa does to overcome imposter syndrome in her business

Lisa’s mission to help as many women as possible find ourselves and our purpose

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