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Wickedly Smart Women

May 29, 2024

In the West, we embrace hustle culture and judge success by the bottom line alone.

But this approach comes at the expense of the people involved.

So, how do you build a business that’s strong and sustainable for the long term?

Jessica Lackey is a strategy and operations advisor on a mission to disrupt mainstream business culture and create sustainable businesses with a human centric approach. 

With a background in corporate leadership and a Harvard Business degree, Jessica leverages her understanding of business fundamentals to help businesses grow without sacrificing the wellbeing of their clients, community or team. 

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Jessica joins Anjel to share the experience that inspired her to leave the corporate world and explain how hustle culture affected her health.

Jessica discusses her aim to marry business fundamentals with human centricity, describing how to balance the needs of the self with your clients, community and team.

Listen in for Jessica’s insight on the challenge of practicing slow productivity and learn how to build a business with strong fundamentals that puts people first.

What You Will Learn

How following a boy to Boston put Jessica on a path to corporate consulting

The experience that inspired Jessica to exit the corporate world

How the isolating nature of Jessica’s work trapped her in hustle culture

How hustle culture impacted Jessica’s physical, mental and emotional health

Jessica’s aim around marrying business fundamentals with human centricity 

How Jessica’s consulting business serves solopreneurs and small teams

What a sustainable business with a human-centric approach looks like

How to build a business that balances the self, clients, community and team

Jessica’s vision to build a 7-figure education business for small teams

Why slow productivity is Jessica’s greatest challenge in her business right now

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