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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 6, 2021

Type A women relentlessly pursue perfection. And in trying to be the best, to be everything to everyone, we abandon ourselves. Our head talks our heart out of its knowing.

So, how do we learn to stop and soften? How do we tap into our natural grace and begin to accept and celebrate ourselves?

Lindy Lewis is the Recovering Alpha Female behind Let Your Color Out, a platform dedicated to helping Type A women live a more balanced and celebrated life. Lindy was at the top of the corporate ladder when an autoimmune disease forced her to stop, soften and forge her own life path. Lindy founded her company to empower Type-A-All-Day women to listen to the whispers of our heart in pursuit of passion and purpose.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lindy joins Anjel to discuss how childhood conditioning led her to seek external validation and strive for perfection. She explores why the idea of softening might feel dangerous to us, describing how she helps women transmute the pattern that says we have to be hard and adopt grace as a lifestyle. Listen in for Lindy’s insight on embracing radical self-acceptance and learn how to create your own celebrated life!

What You Will Learn 

Lindy’s experience of childhood conditioning to strive for perfection

The divorce and autoimmune diagnosis that forced Lindy to stop and soften

Why the idea of softening might feel dangerous to us

How to transmute the pattern that says we have to be hard

The language of love to use with yourself as you start to unwind your mind

Lindy’s perspective on being grounded in grace as a lifestyle

The challenge around celebrating being the black sheep

How Lindy supports women through their 'humbling blocks’ 

How we abandon ourselves trying to be everything to everyone else

Lindy’s insight on creating your own celebrated life

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