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Wickedly Smart Women

Jul 20, 2022

What could you accomplish in your career if you used the misery of every failure to propel you forward?

So many women allow their past failures to keep them from boldly charging forward to their dreams.

But when we adopt a mindset of resilience and recognize our own value, we can stop playing small and achieve the big things that are possible for us.

Alina Timofeeva is a multi-award-winning Principal at Oliver Wyman who went from graduate analyst to principal in less than seven years. Her TED Talk, Fail But Never Give Up has been translated into over 30 languages, and Alina is one of the 50 women featured in the book Wonder Women: Redefining Leadership In The World Of Work.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Alina joins Anjel to share how she overcame familial expectations on her journey from washing floors to a multi-award-winning woman in charge.

Listen in as Alina shares what her failures taught her, the catalyst that made her finally believe in herself, and the key to the breakthrough that helped lead her to the success she has manifested in a male-dominated world.

What You Will Learn

Alina’s story of overcoming familial expectations to step into her true destiny

How Alina maintains balance in her partnership with her husband

The 3 keys to overcoming her fear of failure

How speaking her truth fast-tracked Alina’s success

How Alina learned to communicate her value in the marketplace

How misery catapulted her to try more creative strategies to move the needle

The mindset switch that helped carry Alina through 497 no’s to become the woman in charge

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Fail But Never Give Up | Alina Timofeeva | TEDxBedford

Wonder Women: Redefining Leadership In The World Of Work

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