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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 8, 2023

Wren Farris survived two life-threatening car accidents in her late 20s. 


But her doctors said that her injuries were irreparable, and for three years, Wren couldn’t do so much as lift her head.


So, she made a pact with God: If she could heal herself, she would devote her life to sharing the gift of healing with others.


That’s what inspired Wren to build the multimillion-dollar business Soak on the Sound, an award-winning bathhouse featuring private saltwater soaking tubs and saunas.


Wren is also the creator of the Art of Feminine Entrepreneurship Institute, a program that helps women turn our passions into successful businesses that are profitable and pleasurable to run.


On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Wren joins Anjel to discuss her courageous decision to look for alternative healing modalities and walk us through her journey to founding Soak on the Sound.


Wren describes the ‘horrible ecstasy’ of growing a multimillion-dollar business and explains how she’s connecting with high-net-worth lending partners to expand Soak, Inc.


Listen in for insight around the spiritual practices that help Wren spin so many plates and learn how she can help you build the company of your dreams!

What You Will Learn 

Wren’s decision to find alternative healing modalities for injuries deemed irreparable

How Wren’s experience informs her work helping other women become entrepreneurs

The process of alternative choice-making that led Wren to build Soak on the Sound

Why Wren chose a small town in the Pacific Northwest for her first Soak location

How Wren embraced the ‘horrible ecstasy’ of building a multimillion-dollar business

What inspired Wren to write books and build a second business helping women entrepreneurs

The spiritual practices that allow Wren to spin so many plates simultaneously

Wren’s call for high-net-worth lending partners who want to invest in her business


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Soak: An Homage to Water by Wren Farris

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