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Wickedly Smart Women

Aug 31, 2022

"Many people are looking for hands-on jobs instead of desk jobs, and the skilled trades are really hands-on."—Ariana Dugan

Until recently, primarily men have worked as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters.

But that's changing as more of the workforce retires, opening the door for more women to join the skilled trades industry.

But how can more women get involved in these hands-on types of jobs?

Ariana Dugan is the Vice President of Product at Interplay Learning. Interplay Learning uses its award-winning online and VR training to train people to work in the essential skilled trades, resulting in highly trained job-ready employees in weeks, not years. Ariana is dedicated to using Interplay Learning's platform to help women gain the skills they need to break into the skilled trades.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Ariana joins Anjel to share what it's been like for her to be a woman in a predominately male industry and why she's passionate about helping more women enter the skilled trades workforce.

Ariana shares her insight into why there needs to be more awareness that skilled jobs are possible for women and how she and her team are bridging the gap and shifting the comfort level to show the world what women can do in these types of skilled positions.

Listen in as Ariana shares the types of training available to help the next generation start careers in the skilled trades.

A special announcement, we were awarded an Award of Distinction from the 28TH ANNUAL COMMUNICATOR AWARDS (2022) in the category of Featured Podcast Host. We want to send a special thank you to you, our listeners! Thank you for listening!

What You Will Learn

How Ariana got started helping women find work in the skilled trades

What it's been like for her to be a woman in a predominately male industry

How women can navigate a male-dominated industry with aplomb

Why emotions are just as important as the analytical side in any trade

How to determine when to use your emotions first skills in the workplace

Why we need a new generation of workers dedicated to the skilled trades

Why most skilled trade workers receive (paid) on-the-job training

How virtual reality is changing the way skilled trades are learned

The most critical component of a well-cultured workforce

How Ariana and her team are shifting the comfort level and awareness for women in the skilled level workforce

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