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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 6, 2021

Do you think of power as an exercise in dominance? Many women are hesitant to step into their power, associating the word with the misuse of authority. But what if power is really about trusting that you know what’s best for yourself? What if you could share your big heart and set boundaries to protect it? What if you could be fierce and feminine at the same time?

Diane Halfman is the Empowerment Coach behind SPA Life, a consulting firm that helps overwhelmed women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders learn to access their inner power. Diane served as an undercover cop for the San Diego Police Department for ten years, and she leverages that experience to help clients harness their grit and push through any challenge. She is also the host of the Live Your SPA Life Podcast, a show that inspires listeners to Seek Power Always.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Diane joins Anjel to discuss the unique ability we have as women to access our inner power and set boundaries that serve everyone involved. She explains how to identify when you’re staying in a relationship out of fear, sharing the moment of clarity that inspired her to leave a disempowering marriage and reclaim her own power. Listen in for Diane’s insight on emerging from a crisis and learn how to get clear on what you want and then build your life around those values!

What You Will Learn

The unique ability we have as women to access our inner power

The kidnapping and murder case that helped Diane awaken to her boundaries and reclaim her power

How to get clear on what your boundaries are meant for and decide who to let in

How to identify when you’re staying in a relationship out of fear

The moment of clarity that inspired Diane to leave her disempowering marriage

The next steps Diane took to shift from a state of emergency to a state of emergence

Why it’s crucial to surround yourself with other strong women

How coaching can help us regain trust in ourselves

Diane’s advice on expressing what you want through your calendar

How Diane helps clients get clear on what they want and recognize their brilliance

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