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Wickedly Smart Women

Aug 10, 2022

Do you love sales?

Maybe you’ve tried to make it in the brick-and-mortar space and found it too challenging, or the expenses of renting space and hiring employees were too off-putting, and the paperwork was too time-consuming.

Carina Hatton started selling products online in 2013. Now, in addition to running her successful online boutique, she serves as a mentor and coach for entrepreneurs that want to start selling products online and scale their own e-commerce (electronic commerce) business through her company

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Carina joins Anjel to walk us through her journey from owning a brick-and-mortar empire to seven figure online boutique owner.  

Carina shares what went wrong for her and her husband when they owned multiple businesses in the offline retail space, the lessons she learned, and the powerful decision she had to make. Plus, what inspired her to try her hand at selling in the online space. 

Listen in as Carina shares the 3 most important lessons she’s learned from her experiences and why she’s sharing that knowledge with her e-commerce coaching clients to help them create, launch, and scale their own successful online stores.

What You Will Learn

How Carina kept going after losing her brick-and-mortar business empire

What you need to know about the financials of a business before investing

What inspired Carina to try her hand in the online space

What inspired her to help others set up their own product-based E-commerce business

What Carina’s goal is for each one of her coaching clients

Carina’s most crucial tip for operating your online business

The 3 biggest things Carina learned from the sticks and bricks world that she shares with her clients

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