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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 7, 2020

Do you feel fulfilled? Or are you just going through the motions? If you’re not making time for the things that light you up outside of work, chances are your days feel like a blur. But how can a busy entrepreneur find pockets of time to relax and clear our thoughts? What can we do to create a truly time balanced life?

Dana Hagstrom is the published author and time management coach behind D&D Marketing, a coaching practice that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses without losing work-life balance. Dana has developed an expertise in helping time starved business owners design a time balanced life, leveraging her PLAN formula for organizing their days to get more done and feel more productive than ever. She is also the author of the Devotions on the Go! series of Bible study reflections.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Dana joins Anjel to explain what called her to serve entrepreneurs in living a time balanced life. She describes how knowing she was meant for more helped her leave a traumatic first marriage and uncover her gifts around organization and time management. Listen in for Dana’s insight on building intentional leisure time into your schedule and learn how the right approach to time management allows for a more fulfilling life!

What You Will Learn

What called Dana to serve entrepreneurs in living a time balanced life

How knowing she was meant for something bigger helped Dana leave her traumatic first marriage

How a coach helped Dana identify her gifts around time management

The power we have to set the intention for a good day

How Dana defines a time balanced life

Dana’s PLAN formula for keeping a time balanced life

  • Prioritize
  • Leisure
  • Achievement
  • Neat

Why it’s crucial to build intentional leisure time into your day

How Dana helps clients uncover what lights them up and find pockets of time for leisure

What inspired Dana and her husband’s move to Mexico

The heart flutter Dana feels when she’s connected to her knowing

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