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Wickedly Smart Women

Aug 5, 2020

Does it seem like no matter how much money you have, it’s never enough? If you’re in a constant state of fear around money (even if you make more than enough to cover your basic needs), now is the perfect time to heal your money issues and start treating it like a sacred resource.

Mayda Poc is an International Life and Career Coach on a mission to help executives in finance, law and other past-paced industries find their own version of balance and meaning. Mayda has 15-plus years of experience in the finance and investment banking space, and she understands the challenge that crazy-busy overachievers face in prioritizing what’s important and being present in their lives. Mayda uses multiple modalities in her practice, and she is a certified hypnosis practitioner.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Mayda joins Emerald to discuss our complicated relationship with money, describing how it triggers the most animal part of us and why people who earn millions still operate in scarcity and fear. She explains why NOW is the right time to transcend our attachment to money, define what is ENOUGH, and make wise decisions around what to do with the excess. Listen in for Mayda’s insight on learning to speak the language of business and learn how to channel your resourcefulness and turn your creativity into revenue!

What You Will Learn

How money triggers the most animal part of us as a means of safety and survival

How money is linked to status, power and freedom

Mayda’s take on money as a privilege that should be used to help others

How to define your ENOUGH and make decisions around using excess resources wisely

Why NOW is the right time to heal our money issues

Mayda’s insight on people who earn millions and still operate in scarcity and fear

The opportunity we have to transcend our emotional attachment to money

The openings women have to turn our creativity into revenue

Mayda’s advice on learning to speak the language of business and finance

How to stay grounded through the pandemic and be of service to others

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