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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 20, 2021

Are there images of the stunning places you’d like to visit on your vision board? What if you had the time, money and confidence to make your travel dreams a reality?

Heather Markel is the Professional World Traveler behind Heather Begins, a coaching practice that helps frustrated professionals tackle the money, mindset and planning aspects of leaving their jobs to travel. In 2018, Heather left her 25-year corporate career to become a full-time solo traveler, visiting 25 countries on six continents and sharing her story of adopting the nomad lifestyle in The New York Times.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Heather joins Anjel to explain how she was conditioned to stay in an unhappy job and marriage until physical pain inspired her to find a new way. She shares the logistical challenges of leaving a career to travel full-time, describing how she helps clients reduce their expenses and find work to support their ideal life. Listen in for Heather’s insight on learning to BE rather than DO and find out how she can help you begin your own travel adventure!

What You Will Learn 

The experience that sparked Heather’s love of languages and travel

How we’re conditioned to believe that marriage and work are supposed to be unhappy

The physical pain that inspired Heather to leave her marriage and quit her job

The logistical challenges of leaving a career to travel full-time

How Heather helps clients reduce travel expenses and find work to support their ideal life

Heather’s insight on how travel makes you present to opportunity

How Heather learned that the goal of travel is the journey

Heather’s advice on following your heart and learning to BE rather than to DO

Heather’s 3 favorite travel destinations (and why she loved them)

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