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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 30, 2019

There is no one path to becoming a great leader. But if you want to engage and inspire the people you work with, it is important to get to know them as individuals. How can we develop the emotional intelligence to really understand our team member’s strengths and values? And leverage that understanding to drive team performance and results?

Executive Coach and Facilitator Sheryl Dutra is the founder of Dutra Associates, a management training and development practice that supports corporate leaders in small to midsize businesses. She leverages proven strategies to help clients accelerate business growth and team performance, navigate their own career path, and transition to retirement with ease. Sherry has 25 years of corporate experience, and she is both a graduate of and faculty member for the iPEC Professional Coach Training program.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Sherry joins Emerald to explain what called her to a leadership role in the realm of management training and development. She shares her approach to offering clients a solution with the greatest possible ROI and discusses the value in crafting a plan for life after retirement. Listen in to understand the relationship between emotional intelligence and effective leadership and learn how Sherry’s direct, compassionate style served her in navigating a male-dominated corporate environment.

What You Will Learn

What called Sherry to leadership in management training + development

Sherry’s take on the emotional intelligence required to be a true leader

Sherry’s business vision to work directly with leaders and their teams

How Sherry’s directness + compassion served her in the corporate world

Sherry’s insight on generating cashflow by way of referral business

Sherry’s approach to offering businesses a solution with the greatest ROI

How Sherry supports leaders in crafting a plan for life after retirement

Sherry’s intention to expand her business and impact many more people

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