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Wickedly Smart Women

Apr 7, 2021

Very few of us with spiritual gifts make a comfortable living following that calling. Even Sage Taylor Kingsley spent 14 years either having money OR doing what she loved. So, how did she shift her beliefs around money and learn to receive abundance while she pursues work as an energy healer?

Sage is the Divine Alignment Coach behind Prosperous Goddess, a platform that promotes divine feminine empowerment, energy mastery and spiritual entrepreneurship. She is also a highly clairvoyant aura reader, Archangel Michael channel and shamanic soul healer specializing in mother wound healing. Sage has been recognized as the world’s #1 Law of Attraction teacher, and she is on a mission to help lightworkers and other awakening souls connect with the divine, prosper and SHINE!

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Sage joins Anjel to describe when she started having spiritual experiences and how to set boundaries with your own upstairs team. She shares what’s involved in her work around mother wound healing and explains how we’re all connected to the spiritual plane. Listen in for Sage’s insight on healing your subconscious beliefs about money and learn how to live in abundance and follow your calling at the same time.

What You Will Learn

Sage’s early spiritual experiences and her first massive increase in energy and awareness

How Sage came to partner with the Archangel Michael

Sage’s insight on how we’re all connected to the spiritual plane

How to set boundaries with your upstairs team and choose who you let into your circle

Sage’s challenge to follow you J-O-Y rather than a J-O-B

How Sage healed her subconscious beliefs around money so that she could receive abundance and live her purpose at the same time

How to reframe money as an amplifier of your values

What’s involved in Sage’s work around mother wound healing

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