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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 29, 2023

Change is happening faster than ever. And businesses must innovate to keep up.

But most organizations are stuck in habitual thinking.

So, how can leaders learn the creative problem-solving skills we need to make better business decisions in this rapidly changing world?

Ellia Harris is Chief Innovation Coach at The Potential Center, where she specializes in demystifying creating thinking and innovation to help organizations solve sticky problems faster than ever before.

An international Organizational Development Consultant for more than a decade, Ellia helps leaders and teams let go of habitual thinking and uncover creative solutions they didn't see before.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Ellia joins Anjel to explain how her experience as a manager in the nonprofit world inspired her interest in creative problem-solving.

Ellia walks us through the four phases of her trademarked Light Bulb Thinking framework, describing how to innovate in a way that aligns with your organization’s mission and values.

Listen in for Ellia’s insight on building a culture of innovation and learn how to apply creative problem-solving to make decisions in your business!

What You Will Learn 
How Ellia’s experience as a manager inspired her work around creative problem solving
Ellia’s transition from working in the nonprofit sector to becoming an entrepreneur
How Ellia employs creative thinking to deliver training in an innovative way
What Ellia does to help people let go of habitual thinking and build a culture of innovation
How to create conscious change in alignment with your organization’s mission and values
Ellia’s 4 phases of Light Bulb Thinking—planning, ideating, choosing, implementing/innovating
Who Ellia serves best through her work at The Potential Center
The success story of a technology college Ellia helped improve its student engagement
How Ellia applies creative problem solving to make decisions in her business

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