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Wickedly Smart Women

Jun 8, 2022

How do you go from a failed business to owning a company that's on the fast track to becoming a household name with global influence?

Tammie Sykes is the co-owner of Dion Michaels, a skincare line developed to serve men of all skin types and ethnicities. Tammie's passion for skincare began during college when she and her business partner Simone Randle developed a lasting friendship through their struggles with skincare issues. After finding a skincare solution that worked for them, they created a skincare line to address the underserved men's skincare market. Dion Michaels Skincare has been featured in GQ, Esquire, and Men's Health and endorsed by Kathy Ireland Worldwide and Shark Tank Member Kevin Harrington.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Tammie Sykes joins Anjel to discuss what inspired their custom men's skincare line and how they're using their simple two-product system in their mission to create a glow revolution.

Tammie shares the foundational mindset shifts she had to make to move on from her first failed business attempt to launch Dion Michaels.

Listen in as Tammie walks us through the two questions she asks before she makes any decision in her business and how that's helping her maintain her focus on her mission to make Dion Michaels a household name with global influence.

What You Will Learn

What research taught Tammie and Simone about men’s skincare pain points

Why skin health is the key to overall confidence in life

How their deep dive into creating a custom formula for every man paid big dividends
Why forgiving yourself is the key to moving on from your failures in business

The role accountability plays in Dion Michael’s success
Why it’s important to go back to your vision for your business to keep from going off track

How to use your mission statement as your NorthStar so every decision aligns with your purpose

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