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Wickedly Smart Women

Jul 28, 2021

Are you struggling with debt? Or simply having a hard time creating money flow in your business? What can you do to overcome the shame you feel around money and learn to trust yourself again? 

Michelle Atlas is the Business Mentor and Spiritual Guide behind Michelle Atlas Coaching, a practice designed to help intuitive women entrepreneurs reclaim their self-trust and transform their relationship with money. She is also the creator of the DailyOM course Overcoming Money Shame and the author of the forthcoming book, The Sovereign Woman Entrepreneur: Learn to Trust Yourself More Than Anyone Else, So You Can Grow a Prosperous Business Rooted in Your Intuition, Creativity and Wisdom.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Michelle joins Anjel to explain what caused her own feelings of shame around money and share the powerful experience of self-forgiveness that turned things around for her. She weighs in on why it’s impossible to sustain a business without a foundation of self-trust, describing how we create debt by spending out of alignment with our nature. Listen in for Michelle’s insight on identifying your money archetype and learn to reclaim the self-trust you need to create money flow in your business! 

What You Will Learn 

What caused Michelle’s feelings of shame and self-loathing around money

How uncovering her money personality led to a powerful experience of self-forgiveness for Michelle

Michelle’s experience with creating debt by investing in programs that were out of alignment with her nature

How long it took Michelle to turn things around and create money flow 

Michelle’s challenge to identify where you’re not forgiving yourself when it comes to money

How change can happen in a moment (regardless of how much debt you have)

Why you’re NOT a failure if you’re not an overnight financial success

Why it’s impossible to sustain a business without a foundation of self-trust

How the Money Archetype Quiz uncovers your strengths and shadows around money

How learning her archetype as a nurturer helped Michelle’s client transform

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