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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 5, 2022

Do you know what arrangements your spouse or parents would like to have enacted upon their passing?

What type of burial would you like after you die—are you familiar with all your options? Do you have that plan in writing?

Whether you are well or are facing a terminal illness, end-of-life planning helps make your wishes clear to those who love you.

But we often put off making those plans because it seems morbid, or we are too busy.

Jane Duncan Rogers published her book Gifted By Grief three years after her husband's death. Readers'

response to this book eventually led to her founding Before I Go Solutions®. This unusual social enterprise trains people to become End of Life Plan Facilitators and online programs for those wishing to create their own comprehensive end-of-life plans. Jane is also the author of Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan and the creator of the End of Life Planning card deck.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Jane joins Anjel to share her story of how life directed her to her mission to educate people on a good death.

Listen in as Jane walks us through how preparing for the end-of-life can help alleviate some of the fear of death and how sharing the journey makes it easier. Plus, the tools she's come up with in her mission to help make end-of-life plans as common as birth plans.

What You Will Learn

What are the practical questions you need to ask before death

How pre-planning for death helps make the emotional part easier

How to get clear about what you need to do to prepare for the end of life

How to discover how prepared you are for the end of life

The 2 most important things to take care of when planning for the end of life

Jane walks us through today's more environmentally friendly burial options

How to prompt the conversations you need to have to honor your loved ones and prepare

How to break end-of-life planning into smaller, comprehensive action steps

How you can become an end-of-life facilitator

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