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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 10, 2024

Women have been taught to see our body as an object that exists for the benefit of others. Something we must dominate and control.

But in truth, our body is a well of infinite wisdom. And through the body, we can reclaim our power and sovereignty.

Jessica Falcon is the Soul Embodiment Guide behind The Path to Sovereignty, a platform that helps women experience the ecstasy of true soul freedom.

A criminal prosecutor turned mystic, Jessica is also author of the forthcoming book, The Power of Eve, and cohost of the Radically Embody Love Podcast.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Jessica joins Anjel to discuss the benefits of embodiment, describing how to connect with your true self and the wisdom that exists within you.

Jessica explains how to dismantle the conditioning that teaches us to dominate the body and let our internal experience guide us to a place of joy and freedom.

Listen in for Jessica’s insight on observing your feelings versus being controlled by them and learn how to let go of the culture of busy and become the conscious creator of the life you desire!

What You Will Learn 

How Jessica defines embodiment as building a relationship with your true self

The benefit of inhabiting your body and connecting with the infinite wisdom that exists within you

Why women are taught to dominate our bodies and how to dismantle that conditioning

How to reclaim your sovereignty and learn to trust your body again

The life events that facilitated Jessica’s transition from attorney to mystic

How recovering from a bike accident helped Jessica develop emotional intelligence

Why you can’t be joyful or free if you live according to the external

How Jessica helps clients let go of the culture of busy and become conscious creators

What it means to observe your thoughts and feelings vs. being run by them

Jessica’s decision to build a business around her research for The Power of Eve

Connect with Jessica Falcon

The Path to Sovereignty

Radically Embody Love Podcast


The Power of Eve: Heal the Wounds of the Feminine and Reclaim Your Sovereignty by Jessica Falcon

Wickedly Smart Women: Trusting Intuition, Taking Action, Transforming Worlds by Anjel B. Hartwell

Connect with Anjel B. Hartwell 

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