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Wickedly Smart Women

May 19, 2021

As women, we often define ourselves based on our relationships with others. We try to be good mothers, daughters, wives… And in trying to live up to the expectations of what we SHOULD be, we get locked in our heads and lose ourselves. But Lora Cheadle is all about stripping off our labels and reconnecting with our bodies and with Spirit—through the sensuality and fun of burlesque!

Lora is a former corporate attorney turned Life Choreographer and Female Empowerment Leader on a mission to reconnect women with the sacred collective of womanhood. Through speaking engagements, corporate training, coaching programs and destination retreats, Lora challenges women to restore our connection with our bodies and our power. Lora is also the author of FLAUNT: Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy and Spiritual Self and the creator of the weekly dance class and discussion group, Burlesque & Bubbly

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lora joins Anjel to discuss how we lose connection with Spirit when we follow someone else’s path and share what she did to drop the pretense and reconnect with herself. She describes how simple things become beautiful when women are attuned to our sexuality, challenging us to shift away from labeling ourselves and allow ourselves to just BE. Listen in for Lora’s insight on supporting other women entrepreneurs as we rise up together in community!

What You Will Learn 

How we lose connection with Spirit when we follow somebody else’s path

Why Lora left her career as an attorney when she realized she wasn’t creating the change she’d intended

The state of surrender that allowed Lora to experiment, acquire new skills and determine her next steps

How Lora’s Burlesque & Bubbly class helps women connect with our creativity

Lora’s challenge to shift away from labeling ourselves based on our roles or what society tells us we should be 

How Lora uses burlesque to help women strip out of expectations

How simple things become beautiful when we’re attuned to our sexuality

Lora’s advice on making conscious decisions about what you really want to spend money on

How women entrepreneurs can support each other and rise up together 

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FLAUNT: Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy and Spiritual Self by Lora Cheadle

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