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Wickedly Smart Women

Mar 18, 2020

Are you fed up with your life but struggling to make a change? If you feel stuck, it’s time to get out of your own way and launch what Kimberly Seltzer calls a confidence makeover.

Kimberly is the CEO of Seltzer Style, a platform dedicated to helping people feel good about who they are and learn to embody it. Kimberly leverages her knowledge and experience as a therapist, certified confidence trainer and dating coach to help clients build valuable relationships and attract success via her unique ‘confidence makeover.’ She is a frequent speaker at national conferences, and her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Oprah Magazine and HuffPost, among many other media outlets. Kimberly serves as the leading love expert on The Great Love Debate and The Romance, and she hosts The Charisma Quotient podcast.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Kimberly joins Emerald to share the Red Dress Moment that inspired her current work around confidence and explain how it informed her outside-in approach to transformation. She offers advice on building courage through action, exploring the fears that keep us stuck and the value in developing a willingness to receive help. Listen in for Kimberly’s insight on the relationship between internal and external transformation and learn to say YES to your own confidence makeover!

What You Will Learn

The Red Dress Moment that inspired Kimberly’s work around confidence

What inspired Kimberly’s shift to an outside-in approach to transformation

How Kimberly got comfortable with being seen and making connections

Kimberly’s advice on building courage through ACTION

How Kimberly defines confidence as positive experience

The fears that keep us stuck and where to find the motivation to change

How a coach can help you develop a plan for transformation

Kimberly’s insight around embracing the ‘beauty in the grey’

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