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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 21, 2021

We need connection with other people. And yet, it can be challenging to be fully ourselves. Anah Reichenbach contends that the practice of authentic relating helps us build more authentic relationships—without losing that delicious sense of being ourselves! 

Anah is the creator of Deep & Light, a coaching practice that leverages authentic relating to foster authenticity, depth and healing. She has 22 years of experience building community, first through the modern hula hoop dance movement and now in the realm of authentic relating. Anah is a master at providing transformation wrapped in play, and she shares her heart and presence through blogging, vlogging and hosting retreats all over the world. 

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Anah joins Anjel to discuss her role in pioneering the modern art of hoop dance, describing what inspired her to try hula hooping for the first time and how it gave her access to her native essence. She walks us through her transition from hoop dance to her current work around authentic relating, explaining how both practices facilitate connection with the true self. Listen in for insight on practicing self-love in difficult times and learn how Anah can help you develop skills in authentic relating, forge authentic connections and transform your life!

What You Will Learn 

Anah’s role in pioneering the modern art of hoop dance

What inspired Anah to try hoop dance and how it gave her access to her native essence

Anah’s transition from hoop dance to authentic relating

Why it’s crucial to connect with others as your true self

How authentic relating supports us in staying with discomfort long enough to grow

Why it’s important to slow down in the moments you’re trying to push yourself faster and harder

Simple self-love practices to lean on in challenging times

Anah’s change-the-channel strategy for gaining new perspective 

The relationship between repressing our feelings and suffering

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