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Wickedly Smart Women

Jun 22, 2022

Robyn Johnson was working as a youth minister when her son got sick. Her fears around money inspired Robyn to take $100 out of her emergency savings and invest it in reselling secondhand products on Amazon.

In just seven months, she replaced her full-time income at the church. And in four years, Robyn grew the business into a million-dollar company.

Ten years later, Robyn is a well-known expert in the realm of marketing products on Amazon, appearing on Entrepreneurs on Fire and Confessions of a Marketer, among many other media outlets.

She is also Cofounder and CEO of Marketplace Blueprint, a digital agency specializing in listing optimization and advertising on Amazon, and a popular SEMrush Academy Professor.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Robyn joins Anjel to discuss the challenges she faced early in her business, describing the self-doubt she encountered early on and how she built a supportive network to work through it.

Robyn shares the turning point when she started to scale her Amazon business, offering insight on being open to earning more money and growing your company to the next level.

Listen in to understand how Robyn transitioned from selling products online to consulting with brands and learn how she can help you market products direct-to-consumer through the Amazon platform.

What You Will Learn

How fears around money during her son’s illness inspired Robin to start a business

Why Robyn kept her job in ministry for several months before becoming a full-time entrepreneur

How Robyn found inventory at garage sales and retail stores to sell online

The judgement Robyn faced from friends and family early in her business and how she handled it

Robyn’s advice on building a supportive network to call on when self-doubt shows up

The turning point when Robyn started to scale her Amazon business

Robyn’s insight on being open to receiving more money and continuing to grow your business

How Robyn serves brand owners through Marketplace Blueprint

How Robyn knew it was time to transition from selling on Amazon to consulting with brands

How Robyn can help you sell physical products D2C through the Amazon platform

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