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Wickedly Smart Women

May 20, 2020

Have you abandoned yourself in the name of belonging? If you’re sacrificing your own self-care in order to be accepted, you DO have the power to make a different choice. To show up with authenticity and be celebrated for being YOU.

Holley Mignosi is the Founder and CEO of The Dynamic Dream Life Group, Inc., a practice dedicated to helping leaders increase their influence through hypnotic body language and the neuroscience of storytelling. Holley spent the first 15 years her career as a modeling and acting coach, and she leverages that experience to help clients tap into their signature star power on stage. Holley holds certifications in neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis and hypnotic presentation skills.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Holley joins Emerald to share her journey from addiction to entrepreneurship, explaining why she was using cocaine to keep her job as a runway coach and what finally compelled her to change her life. Holley shares her practices for cultivating trust in the divine and describes the faith it takes to show up and share your story with authenticity. Listen in for Holley’s advice to young women who are caught up in a toxic environment and learn how to leverage body language to step into your leadership and charisma!

What You Will Learn

Holley’s journey from addiction to entrepreneurship

Why Holley was using cocaine to keep her job as a runway coach

The moment Holley realized she had to leave her career + her marriage

Holley’s advice to young women caught up in a toxic environment

  • Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated
  • Don’t sacrifice self-care for shallow acceptance
  • Your circumstances are there to teach you something
  • Get rid of your shame by sharing your story

How perfectionism and a lack of self-love served as Holley’s enemies

How hand gestures act as trust indicators when we’re speaking

How the support of a personal trainer helped Holley get healthy and feel good from the inside-out

Holley’s practices of multidimensional meditation and prayer

Why trust in yourself and the divine is crucial in ‘opening the kimono’

Why women are better at reading body language than men

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