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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 1, 2021

Gen X women tend to be risk-averse and fiercely independent. Rather than owning our worth, we’re Lone Wolves working in the background. So, how can Gen Xers learn to ask for help and negotiate what we need? What can we do to figure out what differentiates us and articulate that in the marketplace?

Business and Career Strategist Jackie Ghedine is the Cofounder of Modern Gen X Woman, a coaching practice that propels high-achieving, 40-plus women to greater success. Prior to entrepreneurship, Jackie served as Associate Publisher at AdAge, where she led a diverse team in building new businesses and driving revenue. Today, she is a certified life coach who leverages her training in neuroscience and positive psychology to help women own their worth and increase their wealth.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Jackie joins Anjel to share her journey from publishing to entrepreneurship, explaining how a background in sales gives her an edge as an entrepreneur. She offers advice on finding the right business partner and giving back to your community in challenging times. Listen in to understand how Jackie empowers women to recognize our value and learn to identify your zone of genius and articulate it confidently to make your mark on the world.

What You Will Learn 

Jackie’s transition from a career in publishing to starting her own business

The danger in your identity being tied to your work

How Jackie’s background in sales gives her an edge as an entrepreneur

What inspired Jackie’s rebrand to Modern Gen X Woman

Why Gen X women tend to be risk averse and slow to ask for what we need

Jackie’s advice on finding a business partner with complementary skills and an aligned vision

How Jackie benefitted from giving back to her community during COVID

How Jackie helps women understand our value and articulate it confidently 

The correlation between owning your worth and achieving success

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