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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 29, 2021

T.H. Irwin and Jessica Klingbaum found out that their husbands were cheating within a week of each other. And they had each other to talk to and share information with throughout the divorce process. But most women don’t have that kind of support.

That’s what inspired T.H. and Jessica to found exEXPERTS, a media platform for all things divorce. T.H. has a background in business strategy and marketing, and Jessica is an Emmy-nominated TV producer and media specialist. Together, they are on a mission to dispel the stigma of divorce, make the process easier to digest and help women move forward. 

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, T.H. and Jessica join Anjel to share their experience of going through a divorce at the same time, describing how their friendship evolved and what makes their business partnership work. They discuss how the exEXPERTS website is designed in a way that’s ‘painfully easy to navigate’ and meets women where they are. Listen in for insight on the vetted information available on the exEXPERTS platform and find out how T.H. and Jessica’s community can support you (or someone you love) through divorce.

What You Will Learn 

T.H. & Jessica’s experience of going through a divorce at the same time

The vetted information and experts T.H. and Jessica provide through the exEXPERTS platform

How T.H. & Jessica’s friendship evolved through marriage, motherhood and divorce

Why T.H. & Jessica felt lucky to go through the divorce process simultaneously (and how that experience inspired the creation of exEXPERTS)

T.H. & Jessica’s advice around listening without judgement

How similar experiences create an immediate bond 

What makes T.H. & Jessica’s business partnership work

How the exEXPERTS website is designed in a way that’s ‘painfully easy to navigate’ and meets people where they are

The 5 aspects of a divorce featured on the exEXPERTS website 

T.H. & Jessica’s commitment to supporting other women through divorce

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