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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 20, 2021

Women have fought to be seen as equals. To build careers and achieve success in the business world. And in the process, we’ve sacrificed our femininity. So, what can we do to tap into our divine sexuality and bring feminine energy back—without losing all that we’ve gained?

Victoria Vives Khuong is the shamanic practitioner, healer and spiritual leader behind the Divine Sexuality Podcast, a show dedicated to helping women positively relate to their bodies, their partners and their sexuality. Victoria has supported more than 4,000 women in leading more fulfilling lives through energy healing and spirituality, emphasizing divine sexuality as the foundation of our womanhood. She is also the international bestselling author of In a Matter of Seconds: A Story to Empower Yourself into Love, Success and Manifestation.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Victoria joins Anjel to describe the near-death experience that initiated her spiritual awakening and share her commitment to helping others embrace their experiences in the ethereal realm. She challenges us to bring the nurturing quality of femininity back to the world, reconnecting with our bodies in the present moment and tapping into the creative force of our sexuality. Listen in for Victoria’s insight on creating space in your day to BE versus DO and find out what it looks like to exude your feminine energy and allow what you want to come to you!

What You Will Learn 

Victoria’s journey from a career in TV to a voice for divine sexuality

The near-death experience that initiated Victoria’s spiritual awakening

Why Victoria struggled to embrace her experiences in the ethereal realm

Victoria’s commitment to mentor people whose consciousness is expanding to frequencies they didn’t have access to before

The five traps that keep us from becoming ecstatic women (and how to move through them)

Victoria’s challenge to bring the nurturing quality of femininity back to the world

Victoria’s advice on getting present and reconnecting with your body

How to tap into the creative force that is your sexuality and allow things to come to you

What it looks like to create space in your day to BE rather than DO

What dropping your masculine energy means for your sex life

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