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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 8, 2020

What holds ambitious women back? Society tells us that we’re not wired for leadership, that the business world isn’t where our strengths lie. And too many wicked-smart women get burned out by the struggle and walk away. But what if the conflict has nothing to do with the way we’re wired? What if it’s just a matter of learning the rules of the game we’re playing?

Annette Comer is the founder of The World’s Greatest Women Academy, a program designed to help driven professional women negotiate what is still very much a man’s world. Annette spent 20 years in corporate management, earning the title of Woman of the Year from The National Professional Association of Professional Women. She also has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, building multiple successful businesses and writing the bestseller, Rescue Me: How to Save Yourself (And Your Sanity) When Things Go Wrong.

On this episode, Annette joins Emerald to discuss the inspiration behind The World’s Greatest Women Academy, explaining how it helps women come forward as leaders in the world of business. She shares insight on sourcing the energy and creativity to make more money and describes how to balance present and future thinking to bring your plans to life. Listen in for Annette’s AHA moment around gender differences in communication and learn how to leverage her five pillars of performance to facilitate your own health, wealth and personal fulfillment.

What You Will Learn

Annette’s background in corporate leadership + entrepreneurship

The impetus for Annette’s five-step system for women leaders

How women win at business once we know the rules of the game

Annette’s AHA moment re: gender communication differences

Annette’s five pillars of performance

1.      Physiology

2.      Psychology

3.      Perceptivity

4.      Purpose

5.      Productivity

How money complements rather than dominates Annette’s life

How past/future thinking get us into a place of fear with money

Annette’s advice on taking daily steps to realize your plans

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Rescue Me: How to Save Yourself (And Your Sanity) When Things Go Wrong by Annette Comer