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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 16, 2019

Success is a journey, and a sloppy one at that. But your ultimate success is determined by one thing—a commitment to keep going. All the way to the finish line. No matter how messy the process. And the same goes for launching a new product or program. So, what can you do to make your next launch a little easier? And what can you learn from the sloppy moments to keep you moving forward?

Maribel Jimenez is the international speaker, bestselling author and marketing strategist behind Your Dream Launch, a platform that supports entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants in designing six- and seven-figure product and program launches. Maribel is also the founder of Creative Solutions Consulting, host of the Superwoman Entrepreneur podcast, and the co-creator of the Bake Your Book mentoring program.

On this episode, Maribel joins Emerald to discuss her calling to help entrepreneurs bring their big ideas to life. She shares the story of leaving her W-2 job, describing the relief and freedom she felt the day she quit and the connection to Source that gave her the courage to walk away. Maribel also offers insight into the mistakes she made in her first launch (that netted zero sales) and the structured time for connection that made her second launch a success. Listen in for Maribel’s advice on making a commitment to finishing what you start—no matter how sloppy the journey may be!

What You Will Learn

Maribel’s calling to help entrepreneurs bring big ideas to life

The relief and freedom Maribel felt in leaving her W-2 job

The mistakes Maribel made in launching her first teleseminar

Maribel’s insight on the gradual progression to a $1M launch

Maribel’s approach to devoting structured time to connection

The deliberate choice we have to feel better right now

Why a sloppy launch is ultimately a gift

Why commitment is key in making it to the finish line

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