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Wickedly Smart Women

Feb 10, 2021

What if you could turn your hobby into a million-dollar business? Victoria Wiek was on the corporate track when she realized that 16-hour workdays would keep her from spending time with people she loved. So, she got clear on what the American dream meant to her and took the leap of faith to become an entrepreneur.

Victoria and her family immigrated to the United States with just $30, and since then, she has turned her passion for jewelry design into a $500M business. She has been featured on Shop HQ and the Home Shopping Network for the last 23 years, sharing her designs with millions of women around the world. Victoria is also the author of Million Dollar Hobbies, the soon-to-be-published book designed to help women turn their passions into profit.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Victoria joins Anjel to share the turning point when she carved out her own definition of the American dream and decided to build the Victoria Wiek Collection. She discusses the role divine intervention played in putting her on the path to jewelry design, challenging us to elevate what’s really important to us and make decisions accordingly. Listen in to understand how Victoria’s business grew exponentially when she set clear boundaries and focused solely on the things she loves to do—painting, sketching and connecting with customers.

What You Will Learn

Victoria’s journey from immigrating to America with $30 to building a $500M business

Victoria’s decision to leave the corporate world, slow down and live on less to spend more time with her family

The turning point when Victoria defined what the American dream looked like for her and decided to build her own jewelry company

The role divine intervention played in putting Victoria on the path to jewelry design

Why Victoria focuses on tasteful, affordable jewelry that can be passed down in a family

How Victoria realized the business she had started to spend more time with her family was actually keeping her away from them

How Victoria’s business grew exponentially when she started setting boundaries

Victoria’s commitment to do ONLY the things she excels at—painting, sketching and connecting with customers

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