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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 19, 2019

Wicked-smart women know that intelligence is about more than just using your brain. It’s about recognizing the hard value of your soft skills and leading from your heart.

Digital Wellbeing and Ethics Advisor Heidi Forbes Öste is the bestselling author of the Digital Self Mastery Series and executive producer and host of the Evolving Digital Self Podcast. She is also the creator of 2BalanceU, a coaching platform dedicated to delivering innovating solutions for optimizing wellbeing and productivity in the digital era. A global citizen and passionate humanist, Heidi is on a mission to leave the world a better place for future generations.

On this inaugural episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Heidi joins Emerald to describe how curiosity and connecting people with ideas serve as her guiding light. She shares her early experience as one of very few women in the tech sector and leadership space, explaining how she grew from identifying her unique value and what called her to study the human relationship with technology. Heidi also weighs in on channeling creativity, discussing her use of graphic facilitation and strategic visualization as a teaching tool. Listen in for Heidi’s insight around leveraging a personal and professional support network—and learn to use your head AND follow your heart!

What You Will Learn

How curiosity and making connections serve as Heidi’s guiding light

How leaving the world a better place called Heidi to leadership

Heidi’s thought leadership in the realm of education technology

What called Heidi to the study of the human relationship with tech

Heidi’s experience being one of very few women in the tech sector

Heidi’s insight around identifying where your unique value lies

How Heidi leverages strategic visualization as a teaching tool

What to consider in using images to build a trusting relationship

Heidi’s advice around following your heart but using your brain

Why Heidi is fond of the question, ‘Did you learn anything?’

Heidi’s intention to utilize a support network to realize her vision

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