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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 27, 2019

Actions speak louder than words. And if your nonverbal cues don’t align with your message, people will believe what they SEE over what you SAY. So, how can you leverage an understanding of body language to be a more effective leader?

Tiffany Lee is the Communication Specialist behind Truth Teller Online, a consulting practice that teaches leaders to read nonverbal cues and build the kind of rapport that leads to more successful interactions. Among her offerings are the signature LOVED4Life Mentorship Program and the New Body Language for Professionals Coaching Package. Tiffany is dedicated to helping clients decode body language, take advantage of opportunities, and communicate more effectively in their personal and professional lives.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Tiffany joins Emerald to discuss how leaders can use body language to OWN a room and create a personal connection with their audience. She explains how to identify when people are losing interest in your message and initiate a dialogue to course correct. Listen in to understand how Tiffany’s dedication to continual learning has helped her business evolve and learn how body language can support you in setting clear boundaries that are valued and respected.

What You Will Learn

The class that sparked Tiffany’s interest in body language

Tiffany’s insight on how to be an effective listener

What it means when people’s feet shift toward the door

How to leverage the Superman pose to OWN a room

Tiffany’s advice on creating personal connection

How to course correct when you’re losing an audience

Tiffany’s dedication to continual research and learning

The question that will help you define your calling

Why understanding the shoulder shrug can save lives

Tiffany’s tips on setting + keeping boundaries as leaders

1.      Keep body open and hands visible

2.      Boundaries can be perceived as good

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