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Wickedly Smart Women

Aug 11, 2021

As a Secret Service agent, Melanie Lentz made it her mission to protect others. But in focusing solely on the safety of her protectees, she neglected herself. So, how did she realize that she, too, was worth protecting? And how does she apply her security expertise to the task of protecting herself?

Melanie is the author of the Amazon bestseller Agent Innocent: How the Secret Service Changed My Life and its complementary workbook Advance Work: A Personal Protection Assignment. At the age of 22, Melanie became the youngest special agent hired at the time and spent nine years with the agency before making the difficult decision to leave the Secret Service and start over.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Melanie joins Anjel to share her unlikely journey to becoming a Secret Service agent and explain how being trainable helped her land the job. She opens up about the consequences of neglecting her personal life for work, describing how her protectee Nancy Reagan’s funeral inspired Melanie to quit the agency and get help with her depression. Listen in for Melanie’s insight on how to apply what she learned about protecting others to protecting yourself!

What You Will Learn  

What inspired Melanie to step into the role of protector

How being trainable landed Melanie a job with the Secret Service

The consequences of neglecting your personal life for work

How Nancy Reagan’s funeral inspired big changes in Melanie’s life

Melanie’s experience of quitting the Secret Service

The work Melanie did to face her inner demons

What inspired Melanie to share her experiences in Agent Innocent 

How Melanie applies what she learned about protecting others to protecting herself

How Melanie sees her past failures as a training ground

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Agent Innocent: How the Secret Service Changed My Life by Melanie Lentz

Advance Work: A Personal Protection Assignment 7-Day Workbook by Melanie Lentz

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