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Wickedly Smart Women

Mar 15, 2023

What does it look like to build a business grounded in your ethics?


Lou Elliott-Cysewski is committed to equity and environmental stewardship. And she translated these values into a mission-driven, multimillion-dollar company.


Lou is Cofounder and CEO of Coolperx, the first climate net neutral promotional products company in the world.


Lou’s team is on a mission to transform the swag industry from toxic polluter to a sustainable, brand building force that supports people and planet.


On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lou joins Anjel to share her process of ethics formation and walk us through some of the childhood experiences that inform her values.


Lou discusses how Coolperx addresses the waste associated with the promotional products industry and why swag should reflect the value of the recipient’s relationship with the company.


Listen in for Lou’s insight on bringing equity to gift giving at scale and learn how to build a business based on the principles that matter most to you! 

What You Will Learn 

The childhood experiences that inspired Lou's environmental stewardship

Why entrepreneurship wasn't on Lou's radar until she 'married into privilege'

Lou's process of formulating, articulating and embodying her own ethics

How Lou thinks about being a contributor to her community (without under- or over-giving)

What it looks like to build a business around your ethics

How Lou is addressing the wase associated with the promotional products industry

Why promotional products should reflect the value of the recipient's relationship with the company

How Lou's team at Coolperx brings equity to gift giving at scale

The benefit of giving uique, handmade gifts to employees or clients

How Lou's ethics inform her role as CEO of a multimillion-dollar company

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