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Wickedly Smart Women

Aug 16, 2023

How is unprocessed trauma impacting your life?

For many women, trauma manifests as triggers in our closest personal relationships.  

And trying to suppress the emotions that come up when we’re triggered leads to mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.  

But what if there’s a way to see trauma an opportunity?

Sunitha Sandeep is a trauma-informed transformative coach who helps high-achieving women overcome anxiety, overwhelm, burnout and fear to achieve professional success and deep personal fulfillment.

A certified mindfulness teacher and trauma support specialist, Sunitha is dedicated to helping women find peace and fulfillment and thrive in an increasingly chaotic world.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Sunitha joins Anjel to explain how a trauma-induced shift led her to a deeper understanding of herself and served as a catalyst for growth.

Sunitha describes the different kinds of trauma and shares her approach to helping women clear the layers of resistance that are holding us back.

Listen in to understand how repressed trauma consumes life force energy and learn how to leverage the ‘fierce grace of trauma’ as a catalyst for profound positive change in your life!

What You Will Learn 

Sunitha’s history of being a high-achiever and a leader since childhood

How a trauma-induced shift led Sunitha to a deeper understanding of herself

How unprocessed trauma shows up as triggers in our closest relationships

How trauma manifests as a lack of trust in the workplace (and what to do about it)

Sunitha’s approach to helping people discover their true selves at a deep level

How Sunitha uses somatic healing to clear layers of trauma and resistance

The transformative power of trauma as a catalyst for surrender and profound change

How repressed trauma consumes life force energy and leads to chronic issues

The benefit of transmuting our suppressed energy to achieve a state of flow

Connect with Sunitha Sandeep 

Sunitha’s Website

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Sunitha’s TEDx Talk—How Trauma Can Lead to Positive Change

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