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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 13, 2021

Have you reached a ceiling in your personal or professional life? Wicked smart women know that thought patterns influence our behavior. And limiting beliefs keep us from reaching the next level of success. But did you know that you could use handwriting as a tool to rewire your brain, overcome those mental blocks and transform your life?

Misty Cogdill is the Graphology and Mindset Coach behind Handwriting-Soul Academy, a practice dedicated to helping entrepreneurs leverage handwriting analysis and the power of questions to grow their business. Misty has been studying handwriting analysis since 2011, and she customizes her coaching programs to help clients unlock their potential, overcome limiting beliefs and reach their goals by reading their handwriting. Misty is also the author of the Amazon bestseller You Can Heal Your Life with Handwriting.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Misty joins Anjel to explain how our handwriting reflects our thinking, sharing the story of how her personality changed along with her signature. She describes how she helps clients remove the limits in their handwriting and what’s problematic about the way we’re taught to write in grade school. Listen in for Misty’s insight on using handwriting to improve your relationship with money and learn how changing your handwriting can change your life!

What You Will Learn

What got Misty interested in the art of handwriting analysis

How our handwriting reflects our thinking

What inspired Misty to go all-in on sharing her understanding of handwriting with the world

Misty’s transition from real estate to entrepreneurship

How Misty incorporates handwriting analysis in her work as a coach

How Misty helps clients remove the limits in their handwriting

Misty’s take on what’s problematic about the way we were taught handwriting in grade school

What your capital A reveals about whether you’re ego- or spirit-driven

How to use handwriting to improve your relationship with money

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